Super Major Update – 3/16/2017

This is one of the biggest updates as well, packed with a bunch of new features, and a bunch of re-designs. I’ll split it into two categories this time, to keep it simple.

Major Stuff

  • The navbar is….. wayyyyy different. It looks really cool now, and has a few cool animations to make it more modern. Here is the old one, here is the new one.
  • We have a new staff team page, where you can view all of our staff members.
  • The homepage was re-done (again), and doesn’t include the feed anymore, it’s an about us page mostly.
  • The feed was moved from it’s old home to a new one. It has it’s own page now 🙂 Oh, and you have to follow a user to see their status’s in the feed.
  • When you login you’re redirected to the page you were at before you tried logging in. It’s pretty cool now 🙂

Minor Stuff

  • Profile picture sizes no longer have to be the same height and width. They still display as 250×250 though.
  • The Chatroom now has rank colors.
  • We’ve removed the balance from the user dropdown, it was stupid.
  • You can now see what you’re actually doing in settings, now that we’ve added the rest of the labels to the 3 main items xD
  • Remember that error that happened when you tried uploading? Yeah, this one? That’s fixed.

That’s all folks. As always, tweet us if you have any more suggestions, or leave the suggestion in our Discord chat.

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